Why guided and escorted tours?
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Why guided and escorted tours?

Easy Transition

First time international travelers prefer to start with group travel on guided tours as this helps them to adjust to this new lifestyle, slowly moving away from the fear of travel until they feel confident enough to take it on themselves.

Travel Reassurance

A group tour can be very reassuring to those who are shy and who might not be so great at getting out there and meeting people on their own.

Expert Guides

Guided tours provide travellers with someone to point out certain features, narrate stories about the destination and relay the important information. They are a great way to sit back, absorb the area you are in and allow someone else to give you information about the destination.

Hassle free

Travel planning takes a lot of time and research and taking a guided tour means removing all the hassle of the planning stage. Someone can take you by the hand while you concentrate on the only thing you want to concentrate on exploring, learning, eating, drinking, shopping and having fun.


Travelling with a group makes travellers feel much safer as there is always someone watching their back and people who they can turn to for comfort when fear emerges.