The positive impact of travelling
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The positive impact of travelling

Kiango Travel wants to encourage as many people as possible to experience the thrills of travel. Traveling is not a waste of money but an astonishingly undervalued investment in oneself. There are many proven benefits that come with travelling. This article seeks to outline some of the positive benefits of travelling.

Firstly, a study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies shows that traveling improves your health.  This study proved that as travel promotes physical activity, it lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and stroke. Traveling is also proven to have tremendous impact on your mental well-being as it cuts down on stress.

Secondly, research by INSEAD business school found that traveling makes you smarter.  When your brain is introduced to new experiences and environments, it becomes challenged and develops resilience at the cellular level so degenerative disease is potentially delayed.  This also helps to enhance creativity and increase problem solving skills. It is believed that if someone gets out of their comfort zone, the mind gets more creative.

Thirdly, traveling helps you learn about yourself and boosts up your confidence level. While traveling, you encounter situations you won’t normally experience in your everyday life. You therefore develop the ability to cope with hurdles, and this makes you a confident person, and can help you understand yourself and how you react to such circumstances, preparing you for future similar situations. Moreover, travel shifts and broadens your perspective, not only of the world but also of yourself. When traveling you are faced with the reality of living outside your comfort zone, which gives you the opportunity to transform how you see things.

Fourthly, traveling improves your understanding of other cultures, making you more understanding and tolerant about a culture different to yours.  This help to broaden your horizons, by connecting you with different people from different cultures, giving you the opportunity to see issues and day-to-day life trials from a different angle.

The fifth benefit of traveling is that it expands your network. Travel gives you opportunities to meet new people that you would not otherwise have the chance to connect with in your daily life. When outside of your comfort zone in a different country, you may have to look to others for guidance, which can create a sense of connectedness.

Sixthly, travel gets you real-life education. When you meet different people from vast cultures and societies, you get an education that is impossible to get in a traditional school, which cannot be substituted.

In addition to these benefits, there are virtues and values that are proven as benefits of traveling. These include freedom, humility, happiness, relaxation, trust, and patience. Maybe even more importantly, travel give you an opportunity to experience the interconnectedness of humanity, and makes you realize that life is a wonderful gift.

As you travel you get exposed to more new experiences, meet new people, and learn from different cultures and lifestyles than you are when in your home country.